Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Alesso Natalizia, who records as ‘Banjo or Freakout’, the sonic sultan who can effortlessly turn the avant and experimental sounds he works with in to life effecting pop songs. Embracing everything from woozy old folk to dubstep, most notably on his cover of Burial's 'Archangel'. He releases through "totally on it" labels like No Pain In Pop and Half Machine Records.

Jonathan Clancy, the Canadian Italian has been a sturdy feature of the music scene in his Bolognan home, and on both sides of the Atlantic with his musical projects such as 'A Classic Education', and now in his slimmed down to one ‘His Clancyness’ a guitar and sample, faded pop project, which sees him sample and cover blog favorites such as Nite Jewel and Wavves.

These two old Italian friends chat over the phone about how location has effected their musical paths. The outside influence of Anglo and American music and remember a time before the internet, a time where it was harder to be heard in the wider world, but where you were more likely to create musical bonds over a bowl of pasta. Let's eavesdrop on their phone call and discover a little bit more about them, how they operate and if Italians really do, do it better!

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