Monday, 12 January 2009


A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jocko Weyland in NYC after some bouts of transatlantic Zine swapping.

Jocko was at the time working at Associated Press in the photo archive department and he managed outwit the security in the Manhattan skyscraper to take me on a tour of the filed prints where he got a lot of the material for ELK zine. I seem to remember folders titled things like 'Weird Fish' and 'The KKK 1936-1949'

The Rin Tin-Tin photo (below) was stolen from said archive and shipped to me along with other random paper artifacts. I'm going to scan the lot and post them up here so check back for some other 2D delights.

Check: and Jocko's super short fiction somewhere on the Vice website.

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justin said...

Hey, Im an old friend of Jockos from NY...I would love to be able to find that boy! My name is Justin Forbes and e-mail is
Jocko suprised me with lots of spicy photo reference a-la the AP for my paintings. thanks